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Since the beginning of production in November of 2022, we have provided:
3992 loaves of bread
- or -
~51,896 servings of whole grains
- or -
~ 7,984 pounds of organic food


Local Issue : Local Solution

The San Luis Valley of Colorado -- a vast, beautiful, 8,000 square mile high-desert plain nestled within the Rocky Mountains; our home -- suffers from higher than average food insecurity. This means, for many who live here, there's either frequent worry over the availability of nutritionally adequate foods, or a lack of enough food to enjoy healthy, active lives.

In two of the SLV’s six rural counties, nearly 1 in 4 children are affected by food insecurity, and in all six counties, averages for all ages are above or well above both state and national levels.

Also, nearly half of the San Luis Valley’s population identifies as either Hispanic or Latino, making this insecurity a form of social health inequity.

In this "post-COVID" world -- where food price inflation and fresh food shortages are commonplace on both the national and international level -- Tomorrow’s Bread, our San Luis Valley-based 501(c)(3), aims to help alleviate this local insecurity and inequity from within our own community.


- Help Us Bake Tomorrow's Bread -

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