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Our First Community Partner

- La Puente -

For those who call the San Luis Valley home, the name La Puente holds great significance. No one can predict the future, prepare for all possibilities, and sometimes help is needed -- that is where La Puente comes in. Their safety-net of services reaches far-and-wide across this enormous land, to nearly all communities, both small and very small, so those who stumble have someone to lean on as they find stable footing again.


La Puente's staff -- comprised largely of volunteers -- offer programs and services for families, children, homeless, and those going through personal crisis. They provide access to clothes and homemaking supplies; cultivate a community garden; organize life-skill educational programs; operate multiple social enterprise businesses; run a shelter and valley-wide food bank network, and more.


We will be working directly to support these last two branches of their impressive human service network by providing weekly loaves to the shelter kitchen and for distribution across their food bank network. That's many pounds of local, long-fermented, body- and mind- and soul-nourishing whole grain food made available weekly for those at the shelter or seeking food bank support.

La Puente was the obvious choice as our first, and primary, community-distribution partner organization.

But, Don't Take Our Word For It

Read these Letters Of Support from La Puente and learn how the Community Donation Program made a difference, and why Tomorrow's Bread is so necessary.

- Help Us Bake Tomorrow's Bread -

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