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- Our Mission -

Tomorrow's Bread is a one-of-a-kind value added food producer 501(c)(3) which improves food and health equity by using hyper-local, organic agricultural products to produce fresh, dignified food for at-risk communities.

Below, is a breakdown of our simple, effective process:

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Regional Agriculture

We invest in regional agricultural economies by utilizing their crops as our primary production ingredients; infusing, not exporting, wealth from rural communities.


Produce Healthful,
Dignified Foods

Currently, the main crop we use is organic wheat. This wheat is ground and unsifted, to minimize food waste. We then use the unrefined flour to produce loaves of whole grain, long-fermented breads -- an often-inaccessible but reliable form of nutritious, gut-friendly food.


Dependable Access

This fresh food is reliably provided to long-established human service organizations with proven systems of outreach and distribution within the region where the crops were harvested.

- Help Us Bake Tomorrow's Bread -

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