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How it All began.

In response to the instability the pandemic lockdowns created, we -- the Tomorrow's Bread founders -- began a Community Bread Donation program through our sister, for-profit bakery, Tumbleweed Bread. To this day, we’ve donated hundreds of pounds of food to our local homeless shelter's kitchen through the kind donations of generous individuals from all across the country, and even beyond.


Tomorrow’s Bread is the natural evolution of our already impactful, meaningful, ecologically responsible, carbon-footprint minimizing, sustainable food system. And now, as a non-profit, we will have access to grants, funding, and tax-exempt donations so we can provide, at scale, reliable and consistent food for our community.


We estimate -- given our current production infrastructure -- in our first fully-funded year we will donate nearly 12,000 pounds of local, nourishing, organic food to La Puente's Shelter kitchen and Food Bank System. And, because we plan to meet the need wherever it arises, who knows how many thousands of pounds more we will donate annually and how many other San Luis Valley based human service organization we will support in years to come?


- Who We Are -

Sometimes big ideas, big changes, have simple beginnings.

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